# London Olympic Games

LONDON 2012 Olympic Games
Treasure Hunt

Next Olympics will take place in London, don't you think it's time to learn a bit more about this fascinating city?
You will do it by searching the answers for a series of questions in the proposed WebPages. 

  1. In first place, go to the section called "QUESTIONS" and read ALL the questions. 
  2. Then, go to the section called "RESOURCES" AND USE ONLY THESE WEBPAGES to find the answers for the previous questions.
    Write down the answers in a sheet of paper or a ".doc" file.
    Once you've answered all the questions, go to the last section, "The big question".
  3. Finally, go to "THE BIG QUESTION". Try to find the answer for this question in the previous WebPages, and write it in your sheet.

                           AND THAT'S IT. YOU HAVE FINISHED!!!! 

                ARE YOU READY?



  1. Most of Shakespeare's plays were first performed at The Globe Theatre. The original theatre got burnt in 1613 and it was rebuilt in 1997. What play was being performed when the fire started?

  2. In late Stuart years, two disasters killed thousands in London. One of them destroyed two-thirds of the city. A monument remembering that event was built at the exact point where everything started. Who built it?

  3. Buckingham Palace was built by the Duke of Buckingham. He is a character in The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. The musketeers had to travel from Paris to London to recover the Queen's jewels. An English writer wrote a Tale about these two cities. Who was that writer?

  4. The relationship between France and England goes back to 11th century when the Normans introduced the French language and culture in England. The first Norman king built one of present London landmarks, where the Yeoman Wardens live. Originally, they were the bodyguards of a king. Who was that king?

  5.  The answers in questions 1 and 4 have a relationship with a queen who lived in The Golden Age. What did people call her as she never married?

  6. People born in East London have a different name. What are they called?. This is the same name for their dialect they speak. ONLY if you have time, can you tell me what "You are Peter Tong" means in standard English?

  7. What was the Square Mile called in Roman times?


What is the area where the London 2012 Olympic park is going to be built?
(It is written in GREY CAPITAL LETTERS


                                                  YOU HAVE FINISHED!!!!